Thursday, March 31, 2011

Park day and out to dinner on a Thursday night

We spent the good part of the middle of the day at the park.  I am sad to say that the weather is not as nice as it used to be.  Summer is forcing her way into my life and I am not happy about it.  The hot weather brings out my worst traits.  Why is this so?
A man who watched Mike's trial over the past two weeks wants to take us out to dinner.  It's a very nice gesture and we accepted.  This man spends his winters in AZ (a snowbird) and summers in Utah.  He is a retired defense attorney and enjoys watching criminal trial while here on vacation.  Go figure.  Anyway, he happened upon Mike's trial and became fascinated with it.  He thinks Mike did a bang-up job (of course he did).  Sadly, or maybe not sadly, the jury's verdict was:  Hung Jury. In a few months, Mike will have to retry the case.  I sure hope he is able to win the 2nd time around.  Second time is a charm, right?

EDIT:  So, I was totally wrong on who this guy was that sat in on Mike's trial that week.  He turned out to be a really awesome man.  He is an attorney but I am not sure what kind of law he practices or practiced.  We ate at Pinnacle Peak Patio with other members of his family. It was a great night of good food and good converstation.  The funnest part about dinner:  everyone we met that night knew a member of my family or a friend or a co-worker. It was fun making all the connections and associations to other great people.

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Where did you guys go to dinner? Did you take the kids? How did it go? A friend at the gym wants to take my family out to eat and I am not so sure about it. Tammy