Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cell Phone Photos

I have some very cute photos on my cell phone but I am unable to get them into a program that accepts 'this' type of image. I am unable to copy them or send them to my desktop. Any suggestions?

edit: so after many, many (limited in size) emails from here to there, I got some photos to a safe place where I can share them with you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

El Conquistador, Tucson, AZ

Ah, one last hurrah for summer! We followed Mike to Tucson for some needed R & R. We didn't get any R & R but we had a good time. The weather was great, can't complain about that. The pool was kid-friendly, can't complain about that. The kids had a great time, can't complain about that. Now don't get me wasn't all peachy and perfect. The nights were long. The kids did not want to sleep in their beds or in their sleeping bags. Instead, they wanted to jump from bed to bed and climb the tables and jump off of the hotel furniture. If we weren't on the
3rd floor I probably would have let them. Their landings sounded bigger than a loud thud and I was almost positive that we were going to be asked to leave.
These pictures were taken the first day we swam. Enjoy. We sure did.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's already the middle of September!

What the heck...where has the time gone?
I am still working on being motivated to get somethings done.
The twin club I am in is having their huge bi-annual garage sale next weekend and so I am taking full advantage of selling off stuff that I don't need and don't use. I'll admit, easier said than done. I am a Whetten at heart and we Whettens like to keep stuff around, just in case.
On a lighter note, we just got back from a mini vacation and I will post about it soon. On, and my new camera broke. The same way my old camera broke. Darn
In the meantime, vote in my poll.