Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring break is gone....

Wow! What a week! The kids and I enjoyed spring break, most of the time.
We tried to do a lot so the kids wouldn't feel cheated out of 'fun times'. We were able to squeeze in a park day, visiting with cousins, and random other outings to keep us all busy.
The kids favorite day was Friday. Aside from Sam having to do a fasting blood test, it was all-good. We spent the morning at the park with cousins and a friend of mine who has triplets (this is when I am really glad I only have twins). After the park, we met Mike downtown for lunch. We decided to eat at a yummy sandwich that was both fast (the kids were very hungry) and loud (party of 7, we tend to be loud). We had to walk more than a few blocks to get there so, thank goodness the kids enjoyed walking and looking at all the tall buildings that downtown has to offer.
After lunch we walked Mike back to his office and the kids and I set out for our last adventure de spring break: Smeeks. Smeeks is a little candy shop in Phoenix. It's known for vintage flare and candy. When we got there, I was a bit nervous that the kids would go wild or that something was gonna get broken. Seriously, this candy store is small with candy from wall to wall. I described my first impressions of me with my kids in the store as bulls in a china shop. But, I can proudly say, these were tame bulls in the candy store. The kids did very well picking out their own candies, each child had a $2 limit, and not one thing got broken.
We are all back to our usual routine and I couldn't be happier!
I have some wonderful pictures (taken with my cell phone) that I will post as soon as I figure out how to download them from my phone.

Oh, I fogot that on the way back to Mike's work, we stopped at the Wells Fargo Musuem. We saw vintage and previously used bank boxes, stagecoaches, telegraphs, coins and even replicas of gold bars. It was AWESOME!

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