Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another week goes by....

We had a wonderful week here in the Lee home. In a nut shell:
The kids made it to school on-time each day this week, which is a wonderful accomplishment for me. Joe and Mary had fun learning and playing at preschool. I taught Monday thru Friday at various locations and will be busy again next (this) week teaching almost every day. Mike and I spent all day Saturday cleaning out the garage with hopes of parking one of our cars in it. We still have a ton of work to do but made great progress. Will keep you posted as this is one of my main goals for the year. (yeah, it might take a whole year to clean out the garage)

Random photo for you to enjoy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back to teaching, another week to survive

Monday was my first day back to teaching aqua aerobics. I thought I wouldn't be able to handle the activity after having a baby and being sick for the last 2 months. The class started out with welcoming words to and from those who take the class. I was glad to be back and, thank heavens, they were glad to have me back. I gave them a nice workout and picked up David and the twins from the gym daycare. Whew...David slept the entire time and the twins didn't get into trouble at all! This week was off to a great start.
I posted on Valentine's Day (afternoon) so I have to mention that Mike came home with a lovely bouquet of flowers for his sweetheart. How nice!
Now it's Thursday and I am tired from spending a wonderful afternoon at the park.
Random picture to enjoy....Mary all dressed up like Lady Gaga. She did this on her own. Enjoy...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air....

Every Valentine's Day, my dad used to give the girls in our family a heart shaped box of candies. Isn't that nice?
Every year I think about giving the girls (daughters) in my family the same special treatment but every year I forget (or am too tired, lazy or cheap). This year, my mom brought over some yummy Valentine's Day candies for the kids and a box of chocolates for me. Well, they might actually be for Mike and me but she didn't say I had to share. All the, kids except for Sam, were fast asleep when my mom came by last night bearing gifts. He got to have the first Valentine's Day treat, a holiday edition of Fruit by the Foot. Today, the other kids got the same treat...only I took credit for the gift. How horrible is that? My mom did bring multiple treats for the kids so I will make right and give her credit for the other 2/3rds of the bounty.

Here is a picture of me and my honey. This photo was taken back in December, just a week or two before I gave birth to my 5th baby, David.

Kisses all around.....

p.s. that yellow purse is soooo spring 2010. Uh.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's 2011 Already?

Time sure does fly when you are busy. I guess being busy is better than not being busy. Thinking about it, these are the things that keep me busy (in no particular order):
1. New baby. Born on December 13, 2010. Name: David Whetten Lee

2. Messy house. Thanks to four kids, one thing is constant: a messy home

3. Making meals. Kids have to eat, right. Do they have to help? Not always. Every time I make Mac 'n Cheese, Joe insists on adding the powdered 'cheese' to the boiling water. He thinks it will make the food taste better. Nope, it's still Mac 'n Cheese.

4. School work. Sadly, I am not on top of the kid's 'daily homework finishing requirement' like I am supposed to be. It's sometimes just too much.
5. Being sick. Sam got sick first, back in October. Then I got sick and then Sam got sick again. Each time it was the flu. Then I got sick again, had a baby and stayed sick with a sinus infection, ear infection and the flu until, well, present day. During that time, Sam got sick, Joe got sick, Sarah got sick and Mary got a little sick. 2 weeks ago, I got the flu AGAIN, Sam got it over the weekend, and now Joe and Mary are home sick with the flu. Mike is toying with getting it. Poor guy.

6. Managing 5 children 9 years-old and under. In general it's crazy. Here, Joe got stung by a bee on his thumb after trying to pick up a smashed can of soda pop. Mind you, he took the liberty of smashing 11 cans of soda on the block wall in the backyard. The spilled sugary pop attracted the bees. He cried when he got stung. I took this picture then helped mend his boo-boo. This is an example of Karma, right? for him, not me.

7. Laundry. Enough said.

8. Husband. Husbands have needs too, right? Enough said.
That's him on the right. Handsome.

9. Cleaning bathrooms. I walked by the bathroom and could smell the fine aroma of urine. Yuck. I clean the bathrooms. Swear!

10. Gees whiz, life in general. What can I is busy, life is great!
This photo was taken at Ft. Riley in Kansas back on September 11, 2010. This is a new memorial dedicated to those who sacrificed their life for our country. We were there to honor my brother, SFC Glen Jacob "Jake" Whetten.