Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference weekend

We had a wonderful weekend watching General Conference.  Well, it wasn't a calm and quiet as we thought it would be. I don't really remember it being as loud as it was this time around.  Oh well, I guess that is the life we have now, with 5 children ages 9 years and under.  Even though it was absolute chaos, I wouldn't have it any other way.
I enjoyed each talk, that I could hear, and learned a lot about being thankful, patient, forgiving, happy, mindful, etc.  I will have to take time to go back and read or watch, via the computer, each talk in order to really appreciate the words and counsel given.
On Saturday, the twins were invited to a birthday party in between sessions. The party was held at the neighborhood park for a little boy in Joe's primary class.  I was worried that they would run off or misbehave but I took that chance and dropped them off. When I came back, the were happy and told me that they a blast!
That evening, Mike headed of to Priesthood session and I took the boys to a baby shower (just where they wanted to go, I'm sure).  Even though I had to take kids with me, it was fun. Who doesn't like going to a baby shower?  Other than the great gifts and food, it was neat seeing family that I hadn't seen in some time!
We watched Sunday morning session at home.  During the break, we headed over to Mike's parent's house and ate fajitas and talked about this and that. The kids played and had fun with their cousins.  We attempted to watch the afternoon session with the in-laws but it didn't work out that way. We came home and finished out the afternoon session in the comfort of our own home.
The rest of the night was quiet and peaceful.

Oh, and it was really neat to hear one of the speakers, Elder Pratt, mention my great-grandparents, John and Ida Whetten! He talked about how they were faithful at paying their tithing.  That's where I get it from!

Enjoy your week!


Episode Experts said...

Ohhh! I wondered if you were related to those people when that talk was being given. How cool!

ajwhet10 said...

I'm sure John and Ida are as proud of you as you are of them!!! So glad it was a sweet weekend.