Saturday, June 27, 2009

Uncle Jake and Megan and Ari

The kids are worn out from two full weeks of unlawful amounts of playtime with Uncle Jake (on military leave for those of you who don't know that already) and Megan (his girly-friend). Pokes, pinches and tickles were handed out free of charge by Uncle Jake. Laughter and smiles were given in return, well, most of the time (Sam swears he doesn't want Uncle Jake to poke him anymore 'cause it hurts!); but everyone goes back for more.
During Jake's visit we managed to get in a family picture with everyone present (yeah!), an 'everyone who's related come' BBQ, friend reunions, movie nights and swimming. My favorites were the late night movies (Transformers and The Hangover). My kids loved the swimming (more pokes and tickles from Jake) and the times they got to play with Ari (Jake's daughter from Hawaii).
It might be another year and a half before we see Jake and Megan again. Hopefully, if things work out, we'll get to see Ari before then.
This I know: Sam, Sarah, Joe and Mary's happy-times memory bank is full, thanks to Jake and Megan and Ari.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Basketball Camp

Sam and Sarah have been busy this summer. As I type this, they are enjoying their last two days of basketball camp. I signed them up for a one hour instructional/fun activity in a sport that I wasn't quite sure they would enjoy. They both proved me wrong - they love it. And, they are learning mad basketball skills! Watch out (insert popular basketball star's name), Sam and Sarah are here!

Joe and Mary like to goof-off on the bleachers while we wait for the big kids. I let them because they look so cute. Yes, it usually ends with one or both of them getting hurt.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Walmart funnies

I tried to make a quick trip to the local Walmart Supercenter this morning with the twins while the older two were at basketball camp. I only needed to pick up 2 items, underwear and some picante Ramen noodles, both for Sam. I ran in and immediately got distracted with fabulous clearance items. Knowing this might (will /would) happen, I left my wallet in the van and stuffed a $20 in my pocket (that's how I budget).
I picked up a shirt for myself at a whopping $4 and headed over to the boys department. I found some undies for Sam and, while chasing the twins out of the center of the every clothing rack, shuffled off to grab some Ramen noodles. I grabbed an entire case of noodles and encouraged the twins to step up their pace. They were rushing like a heard of turtles and I feared I wouldn't make it back to pick up the other kids on time.
I headed towards the checkout and that's when I realized that there is no such thing as a quick trip to Walmart. The checkout lines are always painfully long - I needed to get out of there FAST! Holding the case of noodles, I looked desperately at every lit-up checkout number. Each one was 2-3 customers deep. Then something caught my eye - a checkout counter without a line (not even one customer)! I looked at the lit number over the cash register to verify it's location, made eye contact with the cashier (male) and mouthed, "Yes, it's open." I turned around and asked the twins to hurry, hurry, hurry. When I turned back, the light over the cash register was off and the cashier was nowhere in sight! Where did he go? I looked left, I looked right. Surely, if he closed the register, I would be able to see him walking away. No bother, I was in a hurry and needed to move fast. I mouthed, "Darn, closed!" (My mouthings were really loud enough to hear by all within a 15' radius.)
Anyway...after I said that out loud, the cashier popped his head up from behind the counter and flipped on his light and said, "Ha, just kidding!"
I laughed so hard and so did he. He said the look on my face was so funny that he wished he had a camera to send it into one of those home-video shows. I told him that he made me think I was crazy and imagined the open/no-customers-in-line register. We laughed and laughed and laughed. He said that right before he turned the light off and ducked down he asked the Lord for forgiveness. I told him his little joke was wrong but funny!
It's nice to know that good humor (on both sides) is still alive and well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I snapped these pics of Joe this morning. While looking in storage for Jake's TMNT quilt from boyhood, I heard Joe saying, "I making dinner, mommy." How cute.
Summer is going great, so far. We are having fun with basketball camp, lunches and swimming. Whew! I thought I was going to get a break once school let out....nope, life is just as busy during the summer.