Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday is a day of.....

Certainly and definitely not REST. Sunday is usually an all out battle for control. In the Lee house, it's four kids against two adults.
Round one: Getting the kids ready for church. Usually starts of with, "Is it church day?" Followed by, "I don't want to go to church" or "I don't want a bath/shower!"
Round two: Keeping the kids quiet during church. Anyone who sits within 8 rows of us can hear Joe say, "I don't like this kind of food!" when the bread and water is passed. He also says, "I don't want to be reverent!" You may also be able to hear my loud SIGH and Mike's frustrated and audible GROAN.
Round three: At home, trying to keep things calm so we can pretend the 'day of rest' is observed. The house is always at it's messiest: every toy and book out on the floor. I have a Sunday cleaning ritual (no rest involved).
RESULT: Knock-out. Kids: 1 Parents: 0


Stef and Bry said...

Halelujah! There is someone else who has children who swear they HATE going to is boring...etc. Whoot. I am not alone. You know those surveys that ask what your fav day is. I know I should answer Sunday...but I am so not there yet. Would much rather, at this point, have a week of Saturdays than a week of Sundays!

Melinda said...

My kids are 14, 15 and 16 and they still say they dont want to go to church and it is boring....LOL Sometimes I agree..heehee

Sounds like a busy day for you. thanks for bringing by doughnuts

Em said...

AMEN! Sounds like us!

ajwhet10 said...

That's why we're called "Saints." After going through all that, week after week, we still keep attending church and working on reverence! Your kids will thank you someday.