Monday, March 1, 2010

Rain + Dirt = MUD!

It rained yesterday. It rained and it poured and it rained some more. On the bright side: the grass is a bright and beautiful green! On the down side: muddy areas not covered by grass attract the dirt-loving mind of a 3 year-old. In my case, two of them.
This is what happens when I turn my back, to clean the kitchen floor (how dare I think I can get something done?), and take my focus off of Joe and Mary: They dig in the non-grassy (muddy areas) part of the backyard. Rookie mistake, shame on me, I should have known better.
They love to dig in the dirt. This time, not only did they dig in the dirt/mud, they collected said mud into a bucket and 'washed' Joe's fire truck. The truck, their hands and feet and clothes were covered in mud! They also 'swept' the porch with the mud using a play (indoor) mop. UGH! Welcome, Monday!


Stef and Bry said...

What thoughtful children. They washed the car and mopped the sidewalk...Wow! Come visit my blog sometime If you need an invite, email
Totally love reading your blog!! Joy JOY JOy

ajwhet10 said...

Wow, those two are 100% KID!! I love the brown-smeared fire truck, and the filthy patio almost as much as I love those sweet, happy, innocent faces. :D