Monday, February 22, 2010

Three Cheers for Grandma!

I came home last week to find four coloring books and four boxes of crayons on my counter. They were put there by my mom, while I was out, for my kids to enjoy. And enjoy they did! It was quiet in my house for, like, 20 minutes. It was so nice. Thanks, MOM!

Oh - I did apologize to my mom for the horrid smell she had to endure when she entered my house. I told her that I cleaned out my fridge and threw the rotten 'left overs' away but hadn't washed out the containers. WHEEEEWEEE! It was smelly; and that is being kind. I told her I hope the smell didn't bother her. She said she didn't even notice. Aren't moms sweet?!


Stef and Bry said...

Moms are the best! They just seem to know what we need. Now, I have to make sure I am as good of a mom as my mom is....daunting sometimes, yeah?

Melinda said...

She is the bestest! They will have fun coloring. As for your dishes she should of washed them for you when she was there.......LOL Just kidding MOM!

ajwhet10 said...

Thanks to my new BFF Dollar Store @ Southside for making it easy to afford fun stuff for small guys! And wow, Julia, thanks for the big bouquet! Actually, I think your house is pretty good, considering the ages and energy of your children!!
Melinda, you are right -- but since I didn't have time to do the dishes, maybe I should have called YOU! (You have rescued me plenty of other times.) lol