Monday, February 8, 2010

it's hard to get on the computer and post. I can surf in much less time.

It's true. I've been on the computer enough times this past month that I should have updated this blog. Instead, I did what was easy and fast: I checked my email, a few other blogs, FB and then logged off. Lazy, I know.
So here it is in a nutshell....
I turned 35 years-old (uh), Sam got his Bobcat at his first Blue and Gold Banquet, Sarah learned to roller blade. Those are just the highlights. The low lights are: I turned 35 years-old and the twins are still not potty trained. I feel like the twins will learn to potty train at the same time I grow into diapers from old age. (Let's hope that doesn't happen)
All-in-all January was a good month. Although, we had a few rainy days (seemed like record-braking) that kept us indoors and caused the kids to go wild from cabin fever. We also spent a long weekend up in St Johns and joined Mike's family in celebrating his grandma's 90th birthday.


Edna Guerrero Cole said...

I know exactly what you mean. I started updating my blog about my Disneyland trip about a month ago & haven't finished it yet, because it's time consuiming and I have to think! It's just a lot easier to surf the net and look at FB! I better update my Disneyland trip blog because i'll be back at Disneyland in one month!

ajwhet10 said...

Yes! It IS easier to just surf and do FB, but this turns out to be kind of a photo-journal for your family, so it's well worth the time and bother -- at least once in a while! Also, I LOVE your blogs and your pictures!!