Thursday, November 26, 2009

and we made it through Thanksgiving dinner without braking anything!

We had the pleasure of going to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner. For the first time in my life the adults out numbered the kids at the annual feast. It wasn't any quieter, though, there were 6 kids and 4 of them are mine. Anyway, the food was fabulous! I cannot describe how yummy everything was...the turkey, the ham, the potatoes, the stuffing, the green bean casserole! OH, and Mike's pies. Oh, oh, oh, Mike's homemade yummy, yummy pies. Every bite was worth every calorie! We all ate until our bellies and pants could hold no more.

The weather was perfect for outdoor play so we took advantage of it and sent the kids to 'work off' their big meal. They happily played with bubbles (until Joe spilled them all) and I taught them how to play ninja destruction (awesome game).

Other than that, I've been trying to update my house with a new bathroom while planning my black Friday shopping and Sam's baptism. Yeah, I know, bad idea. I am already in over my head! Our hallway bathroom is still not put together; the vanity, sink and facet are in my front room still in their boxes. And where is the old toilet, sink and vanity? It was sitting on the front porch but now it's in the back of Mike's truck waiting to go to 'bathroom heaven'.

I have to mention how grateful I am for all the wonderful things that I have and enjoy on a daily basis. Things such as (in no particular order) freedom, modern medicine, conveniences of technology, religion, the list can go on forever. I am especially thankful for my wonderful husband and for my four happy and healthy children! Oh, and all my family (lest no one be offended)


ajwhet10 said...

It WAS a good meal. Mike's pies are so delicious, and that was "just" the dessert! The rest of the meal was also fabulous. What a good idea to change into PJs before going home!
Happy Thanksgiving!

ajwhet10 said...

Of course I was talking about the KIDS changing into PJs. :)