Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day! Horrahhh, Horrrayyyy!

One of my favorite songs is Stars and Stripes. I hum it constantly and sometimes clap my hands or tap my feet to the beat of this inspiring song in my head. It's a quick pick-me-up or tension breaker. Try it and let me know how it works for you. Moving on....
Although there is no magic ball to see exactly how this year's election will fair, I can see great personal growth as I work towards improving my attitude towards opposition. Some of the best advice I got regarding opposition was this: You have to recognize it for what it is; opposition.
A Monologue that's not that hard to swallow:
I thought about it and realized that I run into opposition daily. Most of the time it's with my kids; they have a different idea of how their day should be spent - mostly playing, seldom working. I run into opposition at the store; I don't think I should have to pay so much for gala apples but the grocer disagrees. I run into opposition at the gym; someone is using the piece of equipment I want to use at that moment. I run into opposition with my friends; mostly over the election. What does this mean? That no matter what we do, there will be opposition. The key is to be prepared. Plan ahead, know your strengths and weaknesses, keep healthy and strong, hold onto your values, teach your children how to love and forgive, educate yourself, pray. The list can go on and on but I won't let it - make your own.
Enjoy the rest of the day!


Melinda said...

Nice Post! I think the key is to just be respectful to others and their ideas. Even if they are not the same as ours. I hate political talk cause so many people get heated. I like to just agree to disagree. I don't push my ideas and views and I don't want anyone else to force theirs on me.

ajwhet10 said...

Great attitude; important ideas. Proud of you!