Saturday, April 11, 2009

Glad it was just the window

Here we go again. This time I am much calmer and thankful things weren't as bad as they could have been. I will explain: Our day was all planned out with errands, parties and such. Mike was headed out to the gym early this morning when he discovered that the back window of our mini van was totally smashed out/in. He came in and told me to get dressed because I will want to come outside. It was raining and cold and I didn't want to go outside but he kept insisting. It's then when I saw the damage. It appeared as though some idiot smashed the window (with a huge rock that is now in our driveway) and ran off. I thought of the last time our van was broken into and my purse was stolen, followed by the van being stolen 3 months later. Uhhh. Sigh. Expletive. Censored.
Mike asked me to check and see if anything was missing. I looked in the back window/hole and saw broken glass everywhere. I also saw my double stroller, the Easter treats I bought the kids and the two new light fixtures for our house in the back of the van. I checked the front and got out the 'valuables' I left in the van. Thank goodness nothing was stolen! I called the police and made a report (not that anything will ever come of it) and called the insurance company to make a claim. There is a crack in the moulding that can be replaced and the frame is bent (but I don't care about that) - I just want the window fixed.
I told Mike that we can only laugh about this: the window's smashed and it's raining (pouring) inside the van. What are the chances that would happen, seriously? Mike put a tarp over the hole while we cleaned out the van (not fun). Mike then taped the hole with black garbage bags for a more secure fit. Ghetto.
As I write this, Sam and Mike are off to get the window replaced (no mobile units will service glass because it's still raining outside). Did I mention that I am extreemly grateful there is a shop open today with the right size glass in stock!? I'm with the twins at home and my kind sister-in-law picked up Sarah for a cousin's birthday party. Even though it is raining, things could have been worse.


ajwhet10 said...

Sometimes it takes living through something TRULY bad in order to be thankful instead of complaining when other, not-sooo-bad things happen! Look at you -- you learned from experience, you dealt well with a crummy thing, and you're seeing the bright side. You get A+! :D

Em said...

Sorry! Life sure is fun, isn't it?!?

Stef and Bry said...

Julia you are so awesome. That is so craZ! But the whole black garbage bag in the window brought back memories of our van window that was held on with black duct tape. Your kids will have wonderful stories to tell!! AWESOME! expensive but AWESOME!!