Friday, February 13, 2009

A chilly week finally comes to an end, maybe.

It has been so cold this week. One morning there was ice on the windshield of our van. Sam thought it was really neat and tried to scratch some off and eat it. Tasty! The kids don't mind that it's cold - still wanting to play outside or go to the park - so yesterday I took Sarah and one of her classmates to the park to eat pizza and play. They had a blast! Joe and Mary had a grand time chasing after the bigger kids and swinging in the baby swings. I signed Sam and Sarah up for Aikido classes. They've made it through the first two weeks and seem to really enjoy it (will report more later). HI-Yahhh!
This post is somewhat lame, I know, but I promise to do better next time. Happy Valentine's Day!


ajwhet10 said...

Good ole Friday Report. I, for one, enjoy and appreciate anything you care to write!! GRACIAS!! And Happy Valentine Day tomorrow. (Gonna leave a plate of cookies out for Cupid?) :)

ajwhet10 said...

Hahaha! Dying to see picts of Sam and Sarah doing Aikido!