Friday, February 20, 2009

All Hail Friday!

It's a glorious Friday. The winter weather in Arizona is so great that it makes up for the hellish summer heat. I'm almost used to it, again.
So this week has been, well, tough. It all started last week when Sam got sick. High temp and tired, he spent the 3-day weekend on the couch. Sam passed it on to Sarah. Her high temp and tired symptoms created a monster who was grouchy and mean. I managed to stay cool and finally sent her to school today. Joe was the third victim. He's the saddest looking one of all - tired, sad and watery eyes, red cheeks and fever. Mary got it today. Her cheeks are red and her fever is up there. She is handling it well. So who will get it next? Me or Mike?
I didn't mean for this post to be a gloomy one, just a record of the week. I am excited for the weekend, as you probably already know. No plans.


Melinda said...

Hope the kids feel better. Have a good weekend.

ajwhet10 said...

As the new week dawns, I hope that some BETTER days are coming too!!