Monday, October 13, 2008


It was soooo past that time. You know, haircut time. There are many signs and ques that are given to tip a mom off that her kids are in dire need of a clip or a trim. Some are obvious and in-your-face. Such as, people telling you that your kids need their hair cut (like my mom and sister). Some aren't so obvious until after the cut i.e., your kid not having to tilt his head up to see under his bangs that are covering his eyes. With that said, Sam, Sarah and Joe needed haircuts.
I took them outside wearing their underwear only (less clothes infested with little hairs) and sat them on our picnic table. Sam was first and sat still with off and on bouts of the wiggles. His cut took longer than normal but I didn't have to use the buzzer (which he hates) because I was able to blend from the neck-up and from the ears-up like a pro. (This is after many years of cutting his hair including cutting his ear once). Sarah was next and she had the wiggles. She couldn't stand still at all. I just wanted to trim the ends off (about 2 inches) and trim her bangs. The back cut was easy - straight and steady. Then, I tried to trim her bangs and layer her hair and oh my gosh I messed up big time! Mike was at the gym and was going to be home soon. I thought I could hurry and dress all the kids and run Sarah to the salon and beg (even bribe) anyone to fix what I had done. I really didn't think I could even pull that off - the twins were still in their diapers and Sam was still wrapped in a towel post-haircut shower. I just kept at it, trimmed another 2 inches to blend in my mistakes and, viola! Persistence pays off. It's the cutest cut ever and it compliments her face very well.

I put her in the shower to clean off and it was off to Joe. What can I say...he sat still the entire time. No fuss! I couldn't have asked for a better client. The cut is cute and now he looks like a big boy. Poor Mary....she needs all the hair she can get. No cut for Mary. She was sad. Maybe next year, Mary!


Melinda said...

OOoh they look so cute. Aren't you glad I gave the hint!!!! just kidding. You did it this time all on your own.

Em said...

Impressive! The last time I cut my boys' hair they both screamed the whole time that I was hurting them, so I think we'll leave future cuts to the professionals!

Edna Guerrero Cole said...

WOW! It's about time Sam got his hair cut! I was starting to think he was transforming into a girl. ha ha ... jk

ajwhet10 said...

Great job!! Haha, I remember when you and Melinda did the scarey cuts on your OWN hair, and the salon had to turn them into cute cuts. I'm proud that you salvaged our own boo-boo, and the kids all look wonderful. I DO love it when I can see their whole faces. :)