Friday, September 18, 2009

El Conquistador, Tucson, AZ

Ah, one last hurrah for summer! We followed Mike to Tucson for some needed R & R. We didn't get any R & R but we had a good time. The weather was great, can't complain about that. The pool was kid-friendly, can't complain about that. The kids had a great time, can't complain about that. Now don't get me wasn't all peachy and perfect. The nights were long. The kids did not want to sleep in their beds or in their sleeping bags. Instead, they wanted to jump from bed to bed and climb the tables and jump off of the hotel furniture. If we weren't on the
3rd floor I probably would have let them. Their landings sounded bigger than a loud thud and I was almost positive that we were going to be asked to leave.
These pictures were taken the first day we swam. Enjoy. We sure did.

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ajwhet10 said...

Tons of Fun!! I love the kids jumping into the pool, all the smiles, the crazy hair, and the good times they are having. The only thing I could wish for is a few shots of their attractive parents!! :)