Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day and Lots of Fun

We had a great time celebrating our Nation's Independence on the 4th of July! We took the kids to our ward's flag raising ceremony and continental breakfast. They ate donuts, drank juice and played in the water. Continuing the fun, we took the kids to the movies to see UP (which is sooooo cute). Done with fun and after lunch, we rested our pretty little heads before heading out to watch an amazing fireworks show. I just love the 4th of July.
On Sunday, we had a yummy dinner with family and visited with relatives visiting from Mexico. The food was great, the company was even better - what a night. On the way home I noticed a sign with a temperature display. It read '102 degrees'! It was 9:00pm! Wow! Is there anywhere else it can be 102 degrees at 9 o'clock at night? Oh...and it felt nice outside! Summer. Summer.


Stef and Bry said...

102 at 9pm isn't nice weather! Ha. But it sounds like you had fun!

rachelle said...

Hey Julia, I got to your blog through our cousins Stephanie Lee Burns. Your family is so cute. :)

ajwhet10 said...

Good for you!! So glad that y'all had a wonderful family visit and a great 4th. As for me, it was goodbye time from the Stevens reunion, sweet but kinda sad after such a good time. Then I took Grandma home as it was getting dark, and there was a fireworks display up and down her little neighborhood street. Not bad, either. I guess big-time fireworks that explode in the sky are LEGAL in Utah. :]